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Do you want to know what happens with your fertility? We look for the causes to help you restore it through a personalized and drug-free process.
Just 3 steps to starting over. We are here to help you, you can do it!


Complete your Microgenesis health profile at our website and request the fertility test kit that we will send directly to you. 

At Home

You will receive our kit with instructions to collect and send your samples.  


Follow our personalized guide lines for your nutraceuticals and probiotics blends. Just 90 days and you will be ready for pregnancy. 


"I learn how to improve my health  with Microgenesis' help to get pregnant"

Silvina tells us her story about avoiding the painful fertility journey that her friends had followed some years ago.

Our Babies

Here are some of our beloved stories about the women and babies whose journey we have shared. Our technology can help you to recover your fertility without drugs. We can do it working together to discover the causes of your fertility problems.


After 4 invitros, the last one with egg donation, Ailín Spalletta could not find the cause of her fertility problem. But she was able to find Microgenesis and restore her fertility. After 90 days she was able to get pregnant naturally! 


One of the most important regional newspapera in Spain told Emma’s story as the “most expected girl in the world”. After failed all conventional treatments like IVF, we discover the roots of her infertiliy and help her to fullfil her dream. And the same time, Silvia, Emma’s mother is healthier!


After multiple IVF failures we discover how to improve Jennifer’s mother endometrium to restore her fertility

A happy family

When John and Mary came to us they were hopeless. But they have the courage to start again with our nutraceuticals & probiotic treatment.

A cute boy

He is Paul. He is very relaxed, isn’t he. Just the contrary of his mother when she came to us. Infertily is the first clinical symptom of an infammatory condition. Whe we can identify the cause we not just help to have a baby: we solve a problem related with women’s health. 


We know how difficult is to achieve a baby. But sometime we try our patients start to care more about her health. If we can restore women’s health we also restore their fertily. That’s the way we achieve with Pauline’s mother


Endometrium is like a sensor. If something is wrog the endometrium alert that. We develop technologies to understand what’s going on. This tool came form immunology reproductive and microbiota. That´s the path we do to help Lucy’s mother achieve her dream

Why us?

Deep research in the root causes of Fertility

We have researched the causes of infertility for the last 15 years. We published papers and gave talks at scientific events worldwide. We transformed our discoveries in high impact technology.

Experience solving complex cases

We have been solving the most complex fertility cases worldwide for more than a decade. Now our knowledge is available to help you get pregnant. You can recover your fertility following our guidelines.

Designed by Women for Women

We understand women because we are women and that is why we research from our health perspective. The fertility industry only focus on the baby and forget about the mother’s health. 

The best technology from the confort of your home

We are creating a new set of guidelines to open a new fertility path. Our vision is that you go to the fertility clinic when you are in your best condition and it is actually necessary. You will receive our test and directions at home and we will get in touch with you every week to reset your fertility. 

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Microgenesis test for fertility and drug-free treatments have started to be covered by the media 


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