The place chosen for the presentation could not be better. The Buenos Aires' planetarium of the was the center from which Microgénesis presented its new proposals to deal with the latest technologies and from new medical approach to solve health problems. The event was attended by the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Lino Barañao.

During the presentation, new solutions were shown, such as Gynoma that studies the vaginal microbiota and offers new possibilities in women's reproductive health. Precisely the study of the microbiota, that is, the population of bacteria, fungi and viruses that inhabit different ecosystems within our body is currently the center of new medical research. It has been shown that understanding these ecosystems, understand their different equilibrium points and what kind of populations should be present has a notable impact on the development of pathologies ranging from autism to infertility. During the presentation Gabriela Gutiérrez, CSO of Microgénesis showed the main lines of research and the developments of products and treatments that are already available in various countries such as Spain and Argentina.

Microgenesis is an EBT (Technology Based Company) that emerged after winning an Empretecno, a subsidy originated in the World Bank for USD 250,000 to create companies that provide value from the developments made by scientific researchers at CONICET. After a first year where the proof of concept was developed and the first medical tests and their treatments could be sold, Microgenesis was selected by the GRIDx incubator to receive an additional investment of USD 200,000 and grow in its international projection.

Presentación Microgénesis en GRIDx Demo Day / Planetario Galileo Galilei



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