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Two Argentinian biotech entrepreneurs who are using microbiome modulation in an aim to treat some of the most complicated causes of infertility have won tickets to Probiota 2020 after winning NutraIngredients’ Pioneers competition.
The annual competition discovered three outstanding, cutting-edge startups who will join Probiota 2020 in Dublin running from February 10th-12th. The winners -YOGUT-ME, Bioscience and Microgenesis were chosen by NutraIngredients' judges to be the most innovative entries which had found a truly promising solution to fill a gap in the market
GRIDX selected a Microgenesis to boost the development of new diagnoses and treatments based on the miRNAs technology developed by the company. The Biotech business incubator agreed to invest USD 200.000 to empower the business procesess of the company.
We were presenting in Austria at ESHRE the most important meeting worldwide in Fertility our advances in autoimmunity and fertility.
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