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“My body is not a reflection
of other people's bodies.”

Testimonial person

Luz Fernandez, 33 years.

Los Angeles, California.

Luz had been trying to conceive for 2 years before coming to Microgenesis.
She felt she had no options and no control over her body.
The Microgenesis program helped her understand her uniqueness and the amount of misinformation she was receiving.

After a month of searching for pregnancy, I found out the happy news.

Lara Stura, 36 años.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In March 2021 I met Inmunogenesis, now Microgenesis, who helped me and accompanied me on my way to motherhood.
Today, with my dream fulfilled, I can only thank you and encourage other women who are searching to come forward and consult.
The main objective of the professionals here is to improve a woman's quality of life by means of simple, non-invasive studies, and together with this, to be able to achieve her desire to become a mother.
As far as I was concerned, through medical consultations and talks, I was instructed to eat a healthy diet (mainly free of industrial products), do regular physical activity, take a series of vitamins, and consume some probiotics indicated after a test, which aimed to improve my intestinal microbiota, among other aspects.
During the course of the "treatment", because more than treatment I experienced it as changes in my daily habits, I saw and felt how my quality of life was changing in general, and that helped me to trust in everything that was done and indicated.
A month into my pregnancy search, I found out the happy news.
In June of this year, my baby was born, after having a super healthy pregnancy as well.

I knew very little about the microbiota: from the moment I found out about my diagnosis, it was a change of habits that I still maintain.

Laura Lavandeira, 49 years old.

Only words of immense gratitude to the doctors who above all transmit their knowledge, who accompany with so much respect and warmth, the desire to be a mother. Always, always, focused on the treatment; with the right words, precise information, working as a team.
I knew very little about the microbiota: from the moment I learned of my diagnosis, it was a change of habits that I still maintain.
Please consult, not to be the last option, in the path of those of us who have had fertility challenges.

"Microgenesis gave me everything I needed to make it happen. A complete and simple treatment."

Ximena Felice.

My name is Ximena, I am a person who does not take NO for an answer.
After going through a difficult gynecological diagnosis, the doctors said I would NOT be able to have children.
That was the beginning of a long and difficult process for me. But since everything went through the heart, it pushed me to draw strength from within. I knew that I did not have to stop, that I had to continue and look for a way to achieve it. That NO was not going to condition my motherhood.
In that long process I met wonderful people. Microgenesis gave me everything I needed to achieve it. A complete and simple treatment. And so my strength increased. I achieved everything I set out to do with Microgenesis. And here they are. My children are the product of those forces that came from my heart and the support of Microgenesis that has given me everything.
I can only say thank you to Microgenesis Thank you Thank you Thank you for being part of the most important process of my life.

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