It is estimated that infertility affects 15% of couples worldwide, while 3 out of 10 do not respond to any treatment. In these cases of recurrent abortions or implantation failures, 75% of women are positive when studied immunologically. Autoimmune diseases are generated up to 10 years before manifesting specific symptoms, where infertility could be the first subclinical manifestation.

Changes in lifestyle as a result of eating habits, environmental factors and indiscriminate use of drugs have a high impact on symbiotic microorganisms associated with mucous membranes and skin; First barrier of defense against diseases. The impact on the microbiota can affect the immune response and generate autoimmunity which will affect the functionality of the endometrium.

Through our microRNA technology we are able to translate the changes that the microbiota undergoes, establish a personalized diagnosis and provide an accurate treatment against these alterations, which are manifested in patients with symptoms that are still unspecific of inflammation, which affect fertility and pathologies related.