Fertility Wellness

Drug-free Restoration Program

When we discover gut dysbiosis, inflammation, or leaky gut, we are able to customize a proven four-step restoration program to help the Fertile Biome achieve balance and wellness. When this restoration occurs, women feel great, look great and most importantly, 75% of the time are able to get pregnant after our program.

We have 53 different combinations of All Natural Fertility Restoration solutions. They all include four critical components for 75-days.

Women’s health first designed

Our Fertility Restoration Program was designed to take care of your fertility wellness. These are our four critical components to empower your fertility after 75 days

Personalized Diet

There is no one-size fits all diet plan for those struggling to get pregnant. In fact, we have four types of diets we discovered that work for women in the United States, and the Mediterranean diet is not one of them! We use your test results to assess which diet would be your long-term lifestyle solution to ensure you maintain a healthy and balanced Fertile Biome.

Customized Probiotic

Taking probiotics every day is just as unhealthy as taking an antibiotic every day! Some of us have too much yeast, while others have the wrong ratio of bacteria types and still others have too much fungus. We must customize the probiotic based on your exact situation and once we recover your microbiome balance, you will maintain the balance by making correct food choices.

Personalized Nutraceuticals

For those with inflammation and leaky gut, we can heal both conditions with a 75-day course of nutraceuticals, completely customized to your unique situation. You will be able to maintain your Fertile Biome once we restore it, with your long-term diet plan and exercise regime. Like the food plans and probiotic options, there is not a one-size fits all solution. That’s why we select your unique combination from a potential of ten different nutraceuticals.

Exercise Plan

Often overlooked, exercise duration and type is a critical part of a Fertile Biome to reduce or prevent insulin resistance, and to eliminate inflammation. Muscles restore their glycogen with glucose from your bloodstream. The more glycogen your muscles burn, the longer your body’s insulin sensitivity helps you to control your blood sugar levels

On-Going Support Even When You are Pregnant!

We understand change can be difficult! That’s why we provide support groups to you with others who are also going through our program, and give you on-going access to our dietician and microbiome specialists. We will send you diet and exercise tips, recipes, and even videos. We will modify your program until you get the results you want and provide advice while you are pregnant. We are here for you every step of the way.

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