Fertile Biome Test

We are the first company with a functional microbiome test. We are measuring the impact of your microbiome in your blood, saliva and vaginal lining to determine which of the 64 different types of microbiomes you may have. These samples are very easy to collect at-home. Once we collect the lab values we have a proprietary algorithm to perform the analysis that will indicate if you have inflammation, gut dysbiosis, or leaky gut.

Blood spot

We measure metabolic markers in your blood spot sample including insulin, vitamin D, LDL-cholesterol, and antibodies against your thyroid.


Saliva samples are used to evaluate the antibody Secretory IgA which is associated with the education of the immune system through the microbiota.

vaginal swab

The vaginal swab helps us evaluate the overexpression of miRNAs from the gut. We patented these miRNA’s as they are controlling inflammation which impacts your fertility potential.

personalized fertility

Once we collect your data our propietary alghorithm will help us to offer you personalized directions to restore your fertility potential. You will receive probiotics and nutraceuticals specially designed for your case

How it Works


Collect your vaginal, blood and saliva samples at-home with easy to use kits. Use our pre-paid return envelope to ship your samples to our contracted CLIA-certified lab.


Our patented test measures 2 microRNA’s in your vaginal swab, IgA in saliva and 4 biomarkers in blood to produce your custom microbiome report.


Your personalized report includes the test results and a customized, drug-free Fertility Restoration Program that will restore your gut to a Fertile Biome.


Follow our personalized diet recommendations, alongside our customized probiotic and proprietary blend of nutraceuticals to give yourself the best chance for a healthy pregnancy.

We also pass miRNA’s among those we kiss, including your pets. We offer a couples test to those who would like to evaluate both partners in the relationship

Learn about how we restore your fertile biome