The world has changed. Lately, a change in the way people think was made possible by women who took relevant positions in different walks of life. Women are speaking up and that has had a positive impact on society, by aiming to end gender inequality. The movement drew the attention to various problems, and today a large number of leading companies and political parties regard this matter a key issue on their agenda. However, this is not the case for women's health. Fertility treatments tamper with women’s bodies in a way that is not so scientifically reasonable.

One out of five women of reproductive age feels the emotional pain produced by the impossibility to conceive. That desire of having a baby often turns into pressure from their family and social circles. The fertility industry has gone a long way in designing medical technologies and treatments to try to make the dream of having a baby come true. However, the most popular strategies focus on the baby and not on the woman's body. The fertility industry revolves around one question: How to achieve pregnancy? As a result, women have been bombarded with all kinds of hormones and overly complex treatments in search of a baby.

Those strategies also leave aside the woman herself: her desires, physical condition, and even her health once she finally becomes a mother. What if she also had multiple failures? It is not about Health. It is all about fertility. It is not about care. It is far from healthcare.

Making the right questions results in getting the right answers. Listening to Nature imposes another question on us: Why doesn't that woman get pregnant? When we wanted to reach a deep understanding of why a successful pregnancy is not achieved instead of just looking at the conditions, we can create for pregnancy to occur, our scientific discoveries on this matter changed. We observed that a set of subclinical diseases such as diabetes, autoimmunity and celiac diseases among others include infertility as the first clinical manifestation. By seeking to treat these pathologies, we achieved fundamental advances in fertility by taking care of women’s health. Nature doesn´t want a future mother who can develop certain types of diseases. Nature needs a healthier mother.

All this situation led us to create a global initiative: Women's Health First. We realized that we must think different. Women are at the center. As this is something that transcends us, we decided to call for a movement to focus on women's health first. We hope that this movement draws attention to women's health issues so that they are treated differently. We want to find other ways of asking questions to find other types of answers. We also want to address the fact that gender inequality within the medical environment has an impact on women's health. We hope to hear all those questions and complaints out there and to invite them to join our Women's Health First initiative.

Among some of the first lines of action that we want to highlight are:

  • Tools to help women make decisions based on their health and not due to the pressures to which they may be subjected: maternity, aesthetics, psychological, among others.
  • Protocols development that preserve women's health before undergoing surgery or treatments for different medical benefits such as aesthetics and fertility. We need doctors to talk more clearly about women's health first.
  • Gender equality on the board that makes decisions within fertility centers, Clinics, and hospitals
  • Gender equality in the pharmaceutical industry that designs medicines for women's health
  • Gender equality in public health designers

Our initiative also aims to offer a service so that the processes of organizations linked to the field of health benefit from everything we learn and develop with Women's Health First movement (WHF).

  • Mentoring and advice for the improvement of internal processes linked to WHF
  • Trainning Programs
  • WHF certificates that organizations can display on their websites and locations

Within this initiative, we plan to work with leading women and men from all fields and we will send special invitations to personalities from art, science and culture. We hope you join us!

We are not against collaboration with men. From the beginning, nature gave us a father and a mother, and both make it possible to achieve the best results. But we have spent too many years listening to a single voice, a single mandate. That is why this path towards gender equality has even been enriched with even greater sexual diversity, to contemplate the vision of a whole and not only seek a result. We want to ask the right questions. And when you ask them, there is no turning back. We cannot consider any other kind of medicine other than the one we practice by inquiring deeply into what nature teaches us. After treating patients in America, Asia and Europe the message we learned from listening to them was clear: Women’s Health First.